Ruby Heart Necklace GOLD/RUBY RED


Red Ruby Heart Necklace

16 inches Ruby Heart Necklace . 
Sterling Silver with Gold Plated Easy Closure

Introducing the Red Ruby Heart Necklace from House of Jedidiah—a stunning statement piece that speaks volumes of love and elegance. This 16-inch necklace features a captivating ruby heart, meticulously crafted to make a lasting impression.

Made with exquisite craftsmanship, the necklace is crafted from Sterling Silver and adorned with a Gold Plated Easy Closure, ensuring both durability and a touch of luxury. The combination of the radiant red ruby and the delicate heart shape makes this necklace a symbol of affection and timeless beauty.

Whether it's a gesture of love for a special someone or a treat for yourself, the Red Ruby Heart Necklace from House of Jedidiah is a beautiful and meaningful gift that will be cherished for years to come. Elevate your style with this enchanting piece that effortlessly captures the essence of romance and sophistication.

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