From an early age our Founder loved travel, fashion, and jewelry. As a young
adult her passion for jewelry grew as she travelled to many exotic places.
Every time she went on a trip, she would come back with beautiful pieces, each
with a story behind it. Her family and friends loved the unique pieces she
bought back. They encouraged her to share the beauty of different cultures
through fashion and jewelry.

As she continued to travel throughout different countries, she noticed the poverty and suffering around the world. It broke her heart to see homeless children, sleeping on the streets, with no shoes, begging for food. This image stayed with her, and she knew she had to do something to help.

One Christmas morning, walking through the streets of Istanbul , it was then she had an idea. She wanted to build a business with a purpose, that not only bought joy through fashion and jewelry, but also give back. and so, HOUSE OF JEDIDIAH was born.

She poured her heart and soul into the business sourcing beautiful pieces from all around the world. The real beauty of HOJ is in it’s purpose, for every item that is sold a portion of it’s profits will be donated to Charity, Orphanages, Soup Kitchens, and Pantries.

Thank you for making a difference.